June 2019 Update!

As we build a more complete picture of Sally Dixon’s role in supporting the growth of avant-garde/experimental film and film as art, there have been many new interviews and places we have travelled in 2019.
In January, we interviewed the inspirational filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist, Carolee Schneemann. She and Sally adored each other, and we are grateful to have had a chance to sit down with her before she passed away. We have an excerpt of the amazing interview on YouTube!

In February, we travelled to New York for the Sally Dixon panel at the CAA Advancing Art & Design conference. We heard presentations from film experts Benjamin Ogrodnik, Melissa Ragon, Lindsay Mattock, and Emily Davis, and interviewed them about Sally’s impact in the film world.
Also, in February, Sally celebrated her 87th birthday. She was surrounded my many loving friends and family. Her son Zander, who is a chef, made her the special almond cake she loved from a Pittsburgh bakery that she frequented when she lived in Pittsburgh and when she worked at the Carnegie Museum of Art. Even though she is still a bright shining light to those who get to be in her presence, Sally’s health continues to be affected by Alzheimer’s. You can read about how she’s doing here: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/sallydixon32
In March, we had a delightful interview with filmmaker Ken Jacobs in New York.  We were so grateful to meet Ken and Flo and talk about experimental film and Sally's vast contributions! 

In May, we were fortunate to have a personal look into Sally’s life when she lived in Colorado when we interviewed Jane Wodening, the former wife of famed filmmaker, Stan Brakhage. Stan and Sally were big fans of their contributions to the film. He hoped that one day they could all live near each other, and that did happen after she left Carnegie Museum of Art in 1975.
The film project has grown after having interviewed so many amazing filmmakers with whom Sally was connected. The film features Sally and at the same time it is taking on the quality of a nod to so many profound filmmakers with whom Sally interacted. That is the very essence of Sally – to highlight others and that is exactly what she did throughout her career as one of the first female film curators and as an arts administrator!
We are excited to announce that we will be handing the film over to the editor next week to begin final work on the film!  Since the length of the film will be longer than initially thought we have to raise more funds to complete the project. The fundraiser in autumn of 2018 was successful. However, we have incurred more travel and production costs in an effort to create a more complete picture of Sally’s contributions.

We are actively applying for grants, however if you would like to support this wonderful film you can send a check payable to American University (please add "Sally Dixon" in the Check Memo line) and send it to Brigid Maher, School of Communication, American University, 4400 Massachusetts Ave., Washington DC 20016. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.  We are very grateful for your support!
Thank you for following the Sally Dixon story as it unfolds and we mine beautiful gems about a woman who was pivotal in the avant-garde/experimental film movement. We are grateful to bring her significant legacy to life!

Sending Love and Light!

Sincerely, The Sally Dixon Film Team